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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 6, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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agencies for distribution. one camp they went to was where one of the homeless people died,an encampment where some of the people there expressed sadness about the deaths and fear because they are still in the same situation. >> it's very freezing, very freezing at night. i didn't sleep all night actually. i actually got a case of hypothermia myself. >> how difficult is it to stay warm these nights? >> well, i have a lot of blankets, but it's still cold. >> anybody dying on the streets is horrible news, so we're trying to do anything we can to get them inside. >> reporter: that's part of the message being delivered at the news conference going on right now. they say they expect to be at capacity at its shelters and will add 200 beds tonight. a fourth person described as homeless also died last week in a garage in saratoga, also from the cold but no other details were given. coming up at 6:00, more on life at the camps where the deaths occurred, and what other solutions are being explored.
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live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> let's turn to ktvu meteorologist mark ibanez and. >> and he's tracking the rain headed our way and when we can see snow as well. >> reporter: rainfall and snow fall on the increase. the snow targeting a higher terrain. we have been talking about the very cold temperatures over the last couple of mornings. record-breaking cold as you can see for parts of the bay area. napa, 25 degrees. mountain view 33. san jose 30 degrees. you might have said today it felt cold enough to snow. that is the case. you can pick up the current radar up to the north. ukia has been reporting snow since 1:00 this afternoon. they're over 600 feet. this is very low snow levels. you can pick out also right around lake county, the snowfall on the increase. as we switch over to the radar, showing you the overall pattern across the region, the bulk of the activity in rain showers focused in north bay, reports
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of light rain up in santa rosa. also cloverdale. moving the maps to the south, not too much coverage but a few light rain showers in oakland. i will tell you this activity will be taking up in the short- term as you can see here around the hay what were area and the -- heyward area. we have rain approaching santa cruz in the immediate shoreline. that will continue that trend in the short-term. here is our forecast model. put this into motion. look what happens at 8:00. coverage on the increase, by 10:00 as well. between now and midnight we are talking about increasing rainfall here in the bay area and possibly some snowfall. coming up in at the present minutes, we'll take a look at, this details of a winter weather advisory here. we'll break down the time when the rain moves out and also a freeze warning that makes a comeback for one part of the weekend. and our team coverage continues now with ktvu's john
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fowler in marin county. >> reporter: temperatures have plummeted where we are. there is potential for ice tonight. as mark was saying, those temperatures are going way down and a very strong warning for people who may want to go to higher elevations. freezing temperatures, even snow expected tonight. hikers this afternoon found temperatures plummeting. >> it was a little chilly to start with, but not too bad once i got going uphill, it was pretty warm actually. >> reporter: despite the coming storm, mount tem hosts the north face endurance challenge, a 50-mile footrace beginning just outside the park at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. 42-year-old monica was trying to figure out what to wear. >> i'm trained in a little bit of cold, not quite this cold for this long. as long as it doesn't rain like last year. >> reporter: it's something of a tradition for people to drive up to enjoy the snow but rangers today said be prepared
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for disappointment. >> if at any point it starts snowing on the mount, we would probably close the roads down. on twisty roads, snow and black ice can be treacherous, even four-wheel drive vehicles would be prohibited. a few hardy souls showed up today to claim a camping spot for tonight. the ranger even checked firewood supplies. but once campers understood the weather forecast, huh-uh. >> we're thinking about staying somewhere in the area, but we haven't decided yet. >> those south bay deaths underscore something that ranger told me that people really need to be storm-smart and be safe, because this weather can kill. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. and our team coverage continues throughout the next 90 minutes. ahead at 5:30, how one community had more than just
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cold weather to deal with tomorrow, thanks to an electrical problem. three teenage boys have been arrested accused of gang raping two girls at an east bay park. it happened in the alvarada park last friday in richmond. the three boys were arrested this week. john sasaki joins us live from that washing with why some say this has become an epidemic. >> reporter: this is where investigators say these rapes happened and three boys are in jail and two girls are recovering. thal var rad da -- alva rad da area is a quiet, idlic place but the peace was shattered. >> these young ladies are very strong and doing everything they can to recover. >> reporter: investigators say the girls, ages 14 and 17, were here with three boys they know and that the group was drinking alcohol. at some point, the girls passed out. >> when they woke up, they found out, you know, they
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realized they had been sexually assaulted. >> reporter: regional parks police arrested the boys on wednesday but gave few details beyond their ages, 15, 17 and 17. >> they've been booked into the county juvenile hall in martinez for a variety of charges related to the incident including rape, rape in concert, oral copulation and conspiracy. >> reporter: one of the boy's attends richmond high school. >> when we go into the schools and talk to students, we will have young girls come up to us and share with us that this is a situation that happened to them. >> reporter: linda who drew comparisons to the 2009 gang rape of a girl at richmond high school said this kind of incident is common in every community. >> it is not okay to take advantage of somebody who is not in a position to think clearly and make decisions for themselves. and no means no. >> reporter: in this instance, police say they're waiting for toxicology reports to determine
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if any drugs, such as roofies, were used. it's unclear if the boys will be charged as adults. we will be following this case into the courtroom. live in richmond, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. tips are still coming into police after they released video of a woman being dragged away from a bus stop screaming. [ screams ] >> a bus driver says he saw them fighting tuesday night before the man pulled a woman away. investigators tell us they've been getting phone calls about the case, but that so far nothing's panned out. they're hoping someone will recognize the man and woman and come forward with that information. now to our continuing coverage on the death of nelson mandela. today in south africa, it was a day of mourning, reflection and remembrance as large crowds continue to gather outside the former president's home in johannesburg. the president of south africa today finalized the schedule veptsst for his funeral. leaders from all over the world
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will be attending. it will include ten days of mourning that will culminate with a state funeral and a private farewell for those closest to him. president obama and the first lady will go to south africa next week and pay their respects. at least two former presidents, bill clinton and george w. bush will also be flying on board air force one. today we spoke with the reverend cecil williams in san francisco about the impact nelson mandela had on his life. >> i was just so overcome by this man who was not just soft- spoken but who articulated and interpreted to people his genuine humanness, his genuine concern for human kind. no wonder he was a world leader. >> this is a photo of reverend williams with nelson mandela. it was taken when the two met in oakland in 1990, just four months after mandela was
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released from a south african prison where he had been held for 27 years. president obama has ordered all flags on federal buildings to be flown at half staff in honor of nelson man dell la. the flag was also lowered today at the state capitol, one of the wayscalifornians are paying tribute. san francisco will host a civic memorial mall to remember the -- memorial to remember the life and legacy of the human rights leader. it will be on wednesday at 8:00 a.m. in the city hall rotunda. san francisco police will be going undercover this weekend to make sure the football fans behave themselves at candlestick park. the 49ers are taking on the seattle seahawks in one of the most anticipated games of the season. our david stevenson live in san francisco where seahawks fans are planning to invade, david. >> reporter: that's right. seahawks plan for a big party here at pier 39 on saturday. some of them told us they're worried about the potential for violence at candlestick park on
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sunday. >> second and 7. >> reporter: for football fans, it may be the hottest game of the season. sunday's battle between the 49ers and the seattle seahawks even has australian out of towners gearing up for the west coast rivalry. >> home support should be a win. >> i basically have to say it's a hostile environment. >> reporter: seahawks supporters are speaking about their safety in the wake of previous brawls there. in 2012 season, 55 ejections, 14 felony arrests. >> i've been getting quite a few emails were day saying my son's going to the game. should he wear his jersey or i'm bringing my girlfriend. am i going to be safe? >> reporter: for its part the 49ers put together a home field manual instructing their fans how to cheer and dress the part. also suiting up on sunday, san francisco police officers. >> this is undercover uniform of the day, at candlestick park. >> reporter: the police chief says the goal is to keep fans cool after the competition
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heats up sunday. >> you don't want to spend the game that you spent a lot of money on the ticket in one of our paddy wagons or substation or jail. >> reporter: he won't say how many undercover officers will be at the stick on sunday. at 6:00 a surprising welcome pier 39 put together for seahawks fans and how one of the fans copes for life in 49ers territory. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. and here's your chance to show your 49ers pride. we have a little friendly competition going on with our sister station up in seattle to see who can get more likes and shares on facebook. help us by visiting our wall and click like or share with your facebook friends. you can watch the game right here on ktvu channel 2. kickoff is at 1:25 sunday afternoon. the game will be followed by fox's post-game show and stay tuned to ktvu for point after. a north day father gunned down outside his apartment. why police think he was killed while trying to stop a crime in progress. talk about timing. thousands of people in one bay
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area community lose power on one of the coldest nights of the year. what's caused the outage and who's still left in the dark. traffic is flowing on the bridge, but the real backups are on the phone lines. why some are saying laying off the toll takers isn't saving time or money. ♪ ♪ looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪
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♪ [ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love.
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>> new at 5:00 it was touted as a way to save money. earlier this year the golden gate bridge replaced its toll takers with an electronic toll system. it was meant to save money but some say that's not the case. patty lee live at the golden gate bridge with how the switch is costing both time and money. patty of? >> reporter: the problem is there are still a lot of
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problems. after 28 full-time toll takers lost their jobs here, 25 customer service reps had to be hired to deal with the flood of calls from confused customers and they are still on the job. now, you remember the switch here took place back in march, and it's now december. and the website is still crashing and the call center is still flooded. the metropolitan transportation commission tell me the wait times for callers is still unacceptable. xerox, the company that runs that call center, has not met performance standards but there's no quick fix. mtc says the inefficiency of this current system comes at a cost, even if it's hard to assign a dollar amount to it. >> we've had to make changes with respect to more people manning the phones, because people call and wonder why they got this thing in the mail. they wonder why it says violation, because a lot of people throw their mail away. this is maybe the fourth time we've mailed them, okay, but you would be surprised what citizens do with what they perceive to be junk mail from the state of california.
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>> reporter: golden gate bridge district says there have been hiccups, but the cost savings are no longer paying the salaries of the toll takers is real. but remember the bridge district is not paying for the fixes that we've been hearing about. that's coming out of the m.t.c. budget which means while one agency is saving money, another is paying the price. reporting live in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> bart is considering charging more during peak hours. the board of directors directed its staff to study the impact of riders paying more based on the time of day they're traveling or using one of the busiest stations. this so-called peak hour premium plan is already used in other u.s. cities including washington, d.c. the california public utilities commission is joining the investigation into wednesday's bart accident in the berkeley hills tunnel that sent nine people to the hospital. the cpuc begins an investigation whenever more
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than two people require medical transport after a transit incident. a state assembly gop caucus says it has no plans to take down what some are calling a bogus obamacare website. the site is called covering health care it name closely resembles, the official website. democratic leaders say the gop site is misleading and confusing californians seeking answers about the affordable care act. republicans say the site serves as an informational resource. >> our members have been getting questions all year long about what this complex health care law means for them. >> critics say the site is an attempt to steer people away from the legitimate insurance enrollment site and they're calling for the site to be shut down. local schools are recipients of a federal grant aimed at bulking up the work force. they're awarding u.c. san francisco about $675,000.
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merit university and oakland is receiving more more in grant money. it's an effort to hire more nurses and other health professionals ahead of an expected surge in patients under the affordable care act. back down to the bay area, a cold snap tonight along with a low temperature. some cities are also dealing with rain. this is new video just brought into our news room a couple of minutes ago from the chinatown area in downtown oakland, and you can see there, some people, well, weren't totally prepared. hey, whatever works. they weren't totally prepared for that wet weather. it's not just rain we're dealing with. we'll also get a little snow in the bay area. >> it is cold enough we will pick up a dusting 6 snow especially for the bay area hills. we've been watching snow levels closer to 6 hums feet reporting light snow. all afternoon you can see the areas shaded in white, snow coverage. toward lake tahoe, they'll pick up 10-20 inches of new snowfall through tonight and into saturday morning. a winter storm warning is in
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place basically for tonight through saturday morning. you can see right now the snowfall coverage increasing. there's ukiah and in the hills looks like we have activity here. out toward clear lake and head to the south, the rain showers, the snow turns over to rain. we'll be tracking snow in the hills for the evening hours and the overnight hours. right now on the maps, you can pick up a multiple sweeps. some light rain in santa rosa, nevada reporting light rain, also out toward the concord area. in fact there's a closer inspection of the center portions of the bay for san francisco, oakland, a few light showers here. concentrated rainfall mostly light out toward concord. still developments to the south closer to santa cruz county. a few showers in the south bay as well. santa cruz about to pick up an increase in the rainfall rates. all this because of this area of low pressure, this cold front approaching the region. so of course, been talking a lot about the cold air. that's not changing too much. but this weather system moving in, this will be the source of some rain and some snow.
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just for tonight right on through early saturday morning, most of your weekend will be dry. here's our live camera in oakland showing you the flags out there. a bit of a breeze. winds 10-12 miles per hour. the next 6 hours the rainfall will be picking up, low snow levels and the cold air, this system reinforcing the cold air for the weekend. afternoon highs only in the upper 40s to lower 50s. overnight lows get ready for another cold morning. not tomorrow morning, but for sunday morning, freeze warnings do get issued again for the second half of the weekend. overnight lows tomorrow, coolest locations will be in the lower 30s for santa rosa, napa. somewhat of an improvement for tomorrow morning. as i mentioned, things really cool off into sunday morning. talking about the winter weather advisory here in the bay area. for the santa cruz mountains, also east bay hills. saturday morning we could have amounts around 3-4 inches up above 2500 feet but snowfall down possibly 2000 feet, maybe a little bit after mix lower
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than that point. there's our forecast model showing you an increase at 10:00. look what happens tomorrow morning. the chance of a shower at 7:00, 8:00. then we're going to clear things out. lots of sunshine out there. once again that cold air moves in from the north. here's a look at the forecast. highs only talking about upper 40s to lower 50s as you can see. we'll go with 49 for san jose. look ahead, your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. temperatures tumble sunday morning, freeze warning reissued for parts of the region. another freeze expected monday, then partly sunny skies and warmer temperatures finally tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> mark, thank you. america's first marijuana mayor, the bay area city that just tapped a marijuana dispensary owner for its spot. plus cold and dangerous conditions across parts of the country. the impact the massive ice storm is having on the bay area. new at 6:00, a fast lane for holiday travels. a selection process to speed up those long security lines at bay area airports and what you
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need to know before you go fly. it's a preschool program, so why is it that such a rare sight in one san francisco neighborhood? >> those stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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the search has been scaled back in central idaho for a missing plane pi lotted by a man from sapp jose. that's because of concern about approaching storms. weather conditions grounded aircraft that had been helping
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search efforts. crews say they have exhausted every option in finding the plane. dale smith was the pilot, also on board were two of his children, a daughter-in-law and a future son-in-law. smith reported engine trouble on sunday and then lost radio contact. hard to believe, but it was 80 degrees just a couple of days ago in north texas, where people are now dealing with some crippling snow and ice. >> it's rainy, very rainy, very wet. chilly. >> that rain turned to ice on trees and roads, and in dallas, the weight of accumulated ice and snow brought down tree limbs and power lines. hundreds of thousands of people in the dallas-fort worth area were without power earlier today. cold, icy weather is also hitting parts of oklahoma, arkansas and tennessee. people in memphis say losing power is a top concern. >> the power going out, heat going out. hopefully since we're downtown
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it won't be so bad. >> this wintery weather is blamed for at least one death so far. officials in arkansas say a man was killed yesterday when a tree fell on his camper. travelers at bay airport were also affected by the big ice storm in texas. two dozen fights flights out of sfo and san jose headed to dallas had to be cancelled today. new figures released today from the labor department shows the jobless rate dropped to its lowest level in five years. that brings the national unemployment rate to 7%. one factor is federal workers who have been on furlough rumped to their jobs. economists say it's a signal the u.s. economy is continuing to grow. those positive job numbers pushed the dow up today, almost 200 points. the nasdaq closed about 30 points higher. in the dark, and in the cold. >> that's right. a rough day for folks living here in the city of venetia. >> that little fireplace isn't
5:27 pm
hitting up the room. we're pretty cold. >> tonight, the story behind the darkness as the rain now begins to fall and the temperatures continue to drop. and a mega millions lottery living up to its name. the big jackpot up for grabs just ahead of tonight's drawing. a san jose police officer injured in an accident. how a security guard jumped into action to help catch the suspect.
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it was an especially cold and dark day for thousands of people at one bay area city as the power went out for hours, just as temperatures were at their lowest. the power outage really couldn't come at a worst time for all those huddled up to stay warm invenetia. why some people are still waiting for the power to come back on. mike? >> reporter: yeah, 140 customers just got the update from pg&e. most people affected live across the street from me in this dark subdivision called the grove. also on south hampton you can see crews trying to get the juice restored to these homes. really quite the day here in this city beginning about 12 hours ago as folks were waking up, trying to flip on the
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switch to the heater. there was nothing there. no heat, no power. a little fire, a little family. >> i'm sitting here in a blanket before i have to go to my appointment. >> reporter: a little power outage. >> i couldn't get any heat at all. >> reporter: meet clifton, miss daughter and grandson, a chilly tree owe bundled up -- triowe bundled up since the morning hours. 3600 customers woke out without power in venetia, freezing temperatures both in homes and businesses. danielle says she also lost tips. this is huckleberry's, able to open for lunch. >> everything so far, so good. >> reporter: but closed for breakfast. owner says his wallet took a hit. >> it was probably a few thousand bucks by the time we got done witness. yeah, that adds up. unfortunately. >> reporter: no heat, no power, no heat at venetia middle school. >> i put a jacket, another
5:32 pm
jacket. >> reporter: even with cold students, the principal gave the green light for classes to carry on. >> because education is important. the other thing is, we have kids that don't have transportation to get home and rely on city transportation. >> reporter: pg&e says the problem with an underground cable appears to be the spark for this outage, one that happened to fall on one of the coldest days of the year. >> that's been an issue. the fireplace isn't heating up the room, so we're pretty cold. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for pg&e says weather appears to not have played a role in this outage. as for the 140 customers she says hopefully the power will be back on for them by 10:00 tonight. live here in the city of venetia, ktvu channel 2 news. the cold weather is set to continue through the weekend, and that is causing major concern for the $2 billion a year citrus industry in california. you can see the icicles there that formed on these citrus trees in fresno county. growers say anything under 28 degrees for more than 45
5:33 pm
minutes can damage their fruit. there are also icicles in this walnut orchard in winters. north of vacaville r. the temperature there was 26 degrees at 7:00 this morning. unfortunately it was also talked about how at least three people died as a result of the cold weather overnight. >> mark, now we're going to get rain and also some snow. >> we have been talking about an increase in the rainfall, frank. that trend will continue over the next few hours of rain and snow both on the increase. temperatures tomorrow morning not as cold as this morning, and as a result, a freeze warning not in place for saturday, but that will be a different story for sunday. right now, on live storm tracker 2, here's a loop over the past 3 hours. you'll notice snowfall up in the north bay, especially toward parts of lake county, approaching parts of sonoma county as well. we could have a few isolated spots with the snow levels down 1,000, 1500 feet. we're talking about rain scattered across the bay area. a light to a few moderate cells
5:34 pm
approaching the coastline here. out to the east of san jose out toward the hills here, a few showers developing over the past hour or so. reports of the east bay, oakland, light activity as we move the maps up to the north. reports of some rainfall, steady rainfall in vallejo from a tweet in the past few minutes. up in the north bay, parts of marin county, wet roadways. that trend will continue over the next few hours. current temperatures, still cold out there. we're talking about lower 40s in santa rosa, napa. fran 49. san jose 51 degrees. coming up, we'll track the rainfall over the next 12 hours and we also have another freeze warning to talk about for the second half of the weekend. more on that in a little bit. >> you can go to for more on the cold snap, including an hour by hour forecast for thearea where you live. look for the weather link at to the of the home page. new developments in a shocking case of animal abuse in san francisco.
5:35 pm
animal control officers say eric leroy patterson was taken into custody 90 minutes ago on drum street after a struggle. police say the suspect is seen here on surveillanced video approaching a homeless woman on hear14 on november 25th. he threw her belongings into the bay including her two cats. one of the cats drowned. the other was never found. patterson is facing two counts of felony animal cruelty. a police chase ended inside a busy shopping mall. officers were chasing this black car this afternoon when the driver crashed right into another car that was waiting at a red light near bay fair mall. the victim inside that car says two men then jumped out and ran into the mall. police later told him they were able to arrest both of those men. the man whose car was hit fortunately wasn't hurt. a man crashes into a police car in san jose and tries to run away. what happened and who stepped
5:36 pm
in to hold that driver until officers arrived. >> reporter: this san jose police car is out of commission now after being smashed up while wraiting at a red -- waiting at a red light downtown. before 6:00 a.m. the driver of this cadillac crashed into the patrol car. >> the suspect attempted to flee, and was leaving the scene of that collision. the security guard saw this and apprehended him until he was taken into custody. >> reporter: the suspect and officer were taken to the hospital. the officer has moderate injuries. it's unknown why the driver was trying to run away. the cadillac wasn't reported stolen but he wasn't the registered owner. police are praising the security guard who stepped in to help putting himself in harm's way. >> we're very thankful that he reacted quickly and those are people we want to take into custody. when there's a collision, stay there and make sure the other driver is not injured. >> reporter: the general
5:37 pm
manager at the hilton -- a second security guard also helped the team while they waited for officers. he's proud. >> i'm not surprised at all to hear that they would not think about themselves and go about doing the right thing. it would just be automatic for these folks. >> reporter: the intersection was closed two hours while police investigated. the driver will be arrested for felony hit and run. in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. a medical marijuana dispensary operator has been named as the new mayor of see bass toe poll -- sebastol. robert jacob owns a medical marijuana dispensary and in santa rosa. his appointment of mayor is believed to be a first for a medical marijuana professional anywhere in this country. a new service to help apple customers better navigate apple stores. plus shedding weight and your money. how much it will cost you to maintain a healthy diet. a car gets swallowed up by a large sinkhole.
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how this accident has nothing to do with the weather. unfriendly skies. a plane trying to land faces some serious problems. how the pilot finally touched down. omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideas people post on your page?
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they're kind of amaze. yeah - that's where i got the ideas for my new- fajita ranch melt. seasoned chicken with a gooey blend of pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear? my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's?
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>> listen to that wind and you can see what happened here.
5:41 pm
it made for a terrifying experience for passengers on board this boeing 777 at birmingham airport in the u.k. take a look here. you can see that the flight from dubai came in at an odd angle and after several attempts to land, the flight was eventually diverted from birmingham to an airport in the london. an 18-year-old is under arrest tonight accused of stealing a part of the porsche that actor paul walker was in when he died. officials say whitey and another man took a roof panel from the porsche as it was being towed away after it crashed on saturday. saturday's crash killed both paul walker and his friend who was driving. at&t says it doesn't have to disclose what it does with customer's data. the company sent a letter to the security and exchange commission in response to a letter from shareholders demanding it be more
5:42 pm
transparent. last month at&ted acknowledged it charges for government handling information requests but says it protects customers information and complies with the requests only to the extent required by law. the new tool that could save heart attack victims. also a north bay father gunned down outside his apartment. hop friends and family are remembering him tonight. a bald eagle at risk. the controversial decision announced today by the white house that's pitting environmentalists against each other. a storm is approaching the bay area right now. a live update on storm tracker 2 radar. the timing of the heaviest rain and when freeze warnings are reissued for part of the weekend.
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police are asking for the public's help to find the person who gunned down a vallejo father outside an apartment one week ago today. alex savage is live tonight to explain why investigators say they believe the victim may have been trying to stop a crime in progress. alex? >> reporter: he may have been just trying to do the right thing. police say in all likelihood the victim in this case stepped outside of his apartment one week ago, because he heard somebody breaking into a neighbor's unit and that's when he was shot by a would-be burglar. right now across the street in vallejo in this apartment complex several dozen friends and family members are gath they'red on the street, holding a vigil for a man many describe as a great dad with a kind
5:46 pm
heart. >> everybody loved him. and the picture is the proof. >> reporter: a father of two little girls, 4 and 6. his girlfriend sales lydell brown was a hardworking family man. she's hoping people will step up and help police find his killer. >> it would mean so much to my family, to his family, if we can get the littlest piece of anything that will help to solve in, because it deserves to be solved, because he did not deserve this to happen. >> reporter: the 26-year-old was shot to death one week ago after police say he stepped outside his apartment after hearing a disturbance and possibly interrupted a burglary happening at a neighboring unit. at least one shot went through brown's front door. >> he recognized that things aren't as minor as he appear and he's retreating, going back into his apartment when he's shot. >> reporter: brown worked as a department manager at a nearby wal-mart, volunteered at his daughter's preschool and was a
5:47 pm
raiders season ticket holder. >> it was work. it was his family, me, our daughters and the raiders, you know. every sunday. >> reporter: anderson says their two girls are just beginning to understand what happened and they're heartbroken. all she can tell them is dad is listening. >> they can talk to him any time they want to, although he can't speak back. >> reporter: vallejo police are going over surveillance video for this area and processing physical evidence found at the crime scene. so far just a vague description on the gunmen they're looking for. we'll bring you back to a live picture in vallejo tonight. you can see raiders balloons at this vigil being held for the father of two. people here at the vigil celebrating this young man's life and also holding out hope that new witnesses will come forward and help solve what many see as a senseless murder. live tonight in vallejo. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police say a new partnership with businesses
5:48 pm
in the city could help save lives. officers this morning demonstrated how automated external defibrillators could help when someone suffers cardiac arrest. today john's grill pitched in $20,000 to pay for ten a.e.d.s to be used by the tenderloin station. >> what you can do for a station if you have an a.e.d. or cpr immediately after that can save lives. >> police say john's grill is just the first of hopefully many businesses to help pay for more a.e.d. devices for the department. apple rolled out a new service today designed to help customers in its 254 stores across the united states. i-beacon uses indoor location software that sends notifications to customers about apple services and products. users will receive targeted i- beacon messages based on where they are in the store. to across the service customers must first download the i- beacon app and give apple
5:49 pm
permission to be tracked. the mega millions lottery game is living up to its name with a jackpot of $297 million in tonight's drawing, the biggest jackpot since march of last year. it's actually the ninth largest of all time. we found people lining up today to buy tickets in san lorenzo. that store sold five winnings tickets in recent years. the mega jackpot was increased after no one picked the winning numbers in tuesday's draw and could go even higher before tonight's drawing. >> it will climb over $300 million. the odds are long and it's going to keep climbing. >> if nobody wins tonight the jackpot would, of course, climb even higher. your chance of winning is about 1 in 259 million, but still the draw takes place after tickets sales close at 7:45 tonight. here's more now, that snow that we showed you earlier in napa county. you can see that some of it is actually sticking to the ground there near highway 29 and cal
5:50 pm
brought out a couple of snowplows. >> warm air raising the overnight lows a little bit. as a result we do not have a freeze warning for tomorrow morning. that will be a different story for the second half of the weekend. right now on live storm tracker 2, you can pick out the multiple doppler sweeps and the rain shower coverage has been on the increase right now in the santa cruz mountains around the coastline as well. you can see an increase in thecoverage as well in parts of the east bay towards union city. activity developing for this part of the region. we'll move the maps close to the fremont areas. up in the north bay, vallejo reporting rain. fairfield, santa rosa, all this activity will continue to push into the region. we're showing you changed over the radar to the snow falling. you can see the snowfall
5:51 pm
focused up in parts of lake county and sonoma county. we could have snow levels down to 1,000 to 1500 feet. in general, low snow levels around 2,000 and 2500 feet. we could pick up a bit of a dusting for the bay area hills in the overnight hours. you can see with the snow levels, mount hamilton over 4,200 feet. mount diablo possibly a dusting there. highway 17 summit around 18 hundreds feet may be a rain/snow mix with the bulk of the activity up above the highway 17 summit. the forecast model for this evening, the rain on the increase, a bit of a breeze out there as well. wind around 20 miles per hour, so the rainfall definitely picking up. could be heavy at times later tonight between 9:00 and 11:00. then tomorrow morning the chance of a shower at 6:00, but then a clearing sky into the afternoon hours but with the clearing skies some very cold air pays us a visit. here's the plan. the area of low pressure moves
5:52 pm
in from the north. as that slides to the south temperatures plummet in the second half of the weekend. as a result another freeze warning being issued for most of the bay area except for san francisco. coolest location starting out today in the lower 20s. forecast highs for tomorrow, after a few clouds in the morning hours, temperatures in the upper 40s to the lower 50s for the afternoon readings. san jose will go at 49. no football game for tomorrow, but on sunday, you can watch it here on ktvu and mostly sunny skies at candlestick. but definitely bring a sweater or jacket with those temperatures only in the upper 40s at candlestick for the second half of the weekend. faster than it takes to make a latte. the starbucks holiday item that sold out today in just mere seconds. plus the controversial decision made today by the white house pitting green energy against some environmental activists. new at 6:00, trying to get holiday travelers on their way faster.
5:53 pm
go through more quickly and with less fuss. >> the selection process speeding up lines at bay area airports. then. >> it's a preschool program, so why is this such a rare sight in one san francisco neighborhood? >> these stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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5:56 pm
this large sinkhole in bakersfield swallowed up a parked car earlier this morning. you can see there only the front end is now sticking out. officials say an old 36-inch sewer line failed and opened up the sinkhole. the impact of the fallen car shook nearby homes. ironically that sewer line was due to be repaired in less than a month. it didn't take long at all. starbucks $350 special edition gift card went on sale today. within minutes they sold out. it was the second year starbucks partnered up with the site guilt comto sell the rose- colored cards. it took seconds and they were gone. the $450 card won't even get you $400 worth of coffee. each card comes loaded with $400 to spend, along with gold status in starbucks loyalty program. so do you want to eat healthy? a new study says it will cost you more. researchers say that having a diet rich in fruits, nuts, fish and other healthy food costs
5:57 pm
someone $1.50 more a day or about $550 more every year, compared to a diet consisting of meat, fat and sugar. researchers point out that people who eat unhealthily pay a far greater price when you consider long-term health care costs associated with the poor diet. new concerns today about bald eagles after a new rule announced by the obama administration that's pitting environmentalists against each other. as justin gray reports this controversy all centers on wind power. >> reporter: few animals inspire the same emotion. the bald eagle, a national symbol, its image everywhere from the dollar bill to the white house. it's a bird that made a remarkable come back all the way from the bring of extinction. but now the biggest threat to the bird could be a green energy source of the future, wind power. the obama administration just announced new rules for windturbine facilities. 30-year permits are now available that allow for the
5:58 pm
accidental killing of bald eagles. it used to be killing a bald eagle was always a crime. the national wildlife federation say they're supporters of wind power, but not this new rule. >> you have to provide more certainty for the eagles and make sure they're safeguarded. >> reporter: a study found 85 eagles deaths tied to wind farms but say the number is probably much larger. they relied on companies to self-report those deaths when killing an eagle is against the law. the department of interior maintains the new permitting will allow them to better protect and monitor eagles while growing the wind industry. the changes in this permitting program will help the renewable energy industry while ensuring bald eagles continue to thrive nor future generations, they say. in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 6:00, three people died in the cold snap.
5:59 pm
it's being called a critical shift in procedures at u.s. airports. the change being made at checkpoints and how it could help you breeze through security this holiday season. it's a small class of only 16 preschoolers, but it's making a big difference for one bay area neighborhood. >> my child was so excited to come to school and her very first day, she didn't want to go home. >> we do begin with breaking news in just the last 5 minutes, we have learned that north korea has deported a palo alto war veteran detained for more than a month. 85-year-old newman was visiting the country in october but pulled off a plane minutes before it was about to leave. his family hasn't heard from him since, except for recorded apology that the north korean government released. we don't know what country he's
6:00 pm
in but are working to get more information and will bring it to you as soon as we learn more about the release of this palo alto war veteran. tonight, rain is arriving in the bay area and combine that with the freezing cold, it's a recipe for snow. good evening. >> julie haener has the night off. we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's robert handa is in the south bay where the cold turned deadly. we begin with meteorologist mark tracking the rain and snow. >> reporter: the coverage has been on the increase over the past three to four hours of the right now on live storm tracker 2, it's very interesting up in the north bay and parts of mencino county. especially the north of willis. you can see all the coverage here, significant snowfall sticking to the roads for this part of the region. as we move the maps around, we're talking ab


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